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Decorating Your Walls with Vinyl Appliqu

The holidays are over and the decorations are all put away leaving the walls bare once again. As I sat and stared at the plain, boring walls, I wondered what I could do to bring them to life without spending a lot of money or taking on a huge home improvement project. Then I remembered a product that I had purchased this summer from the discount/clearance isle at Target. After searching through several junk drawers, I found the Wall Appliqué I had purchased. Wall Appliqués are self-adhesive vinyl wall decals that come in a variety of quotes. I chose “Family…a journey to forever” but had no clue how to use it so I had stuck it in a drawer. After considering several options, I choose to cut apart the words and arrange them around a family portrait. I placed the word “Family” above our portrait and “a journey to forever” underneath our picture. After adding sconces to each side of the framed picture, my new wall décor looked beautiful. It took only twenty minutes, cost about $20 and was very easy.
The directions are simple and easy to follow and are basically:

1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry

2. If the lettering is rolled up, unroll and lay flat (I put a couple of books on the ends) until the roll does not try to roll itself back up again.

3. Measure the entire length of the vinyl lettering or artwork then measure the wall and mark exactly where you want to place appliqué. You may use a level or tape measure for this or just freehand it like I did since mine was not very long.

4. The vinyl lettering or appliqué is normally on a transfer tape with a paper backing. Gently rub the paper backing to ensure that the letters are securely adhered to the transfer tape. Slowly peel the backing paper away from the lettering so that the appliqué remains on the transfer tape.

5. Position the transfer tape where you want the appliqué on the wall and gently flatten the tape and letters against the wall. Using the tool that comes with your wall décor, carefully press any air bubbles out from underneath the words working from right to left until you have applied pressure to the entire area.

6. Carefully peel away the transfer tape leaving the vinyl lettering and designs on the wall. If any of the lettering begins to peel away, use the tool to rub over the area again and then resume peeling away the transfer tape.

The entire process was very easy and did not take long at all to complete. In addition to these pre-made kits, you can order custom-made quotes, graphics and other vinyl wall appliqués online from WallWords or Enchanting Quotes. Both of these retailers offer custom designed wall décor that are beautiful, easy to install and inexpensive. Using vinyl lettering to add quotes, images and color to your walls is a simple way …